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What is a carnivore diet?

The carnivore diet is a highly nutritious diet where you fuel your body with nutrient dense animal based foods.

There is no fibre or plant food in the diet.

With this way of eating your body shifts into a ketotic state using fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates as the carnivore diet is zero or low carb depending on what you incorporate into your diet (for example some carnivores source carbs from animal products such as milk.)

This way of eating has greatly shown to improve health and vitality.

Many people are utilising this diet to reverse and better symptoms of autoimmune, gastrointestinal problems and disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, mental disorders, arthritis, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and conditions, insulin resistance, blood pressure, skin conditions, the list just goes on..

Depending on the person and their needs there are different variations of the diet.

Some people benefit most from following strictly to the consumption of only meat, salt and water.

Others may incorporate and do well with eggs and dairy.

And lastly some find they do well with herbs and spices and a few condiments namely things like apple cider vinegar, mustards, oils.

So what can you eat!?

Any and all animal foods!

  • Fatty meat from ruminant animals

  • Fish, seafood, and roe

  • Eggs, chicken, pork, and other poultry

  • Organs meats

  • Game meats

  • Aged meats

  • Fermented meats

  • Animal fats (beef tallow, lard, duck fat etc)

  • Dairy & milk products (raw milk, cream, kefir, yoghurt, butter, ghee, cheese etc) - watch for excess carbohydrates if you're trying to omit them from your diet.

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