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Skin healing on a carnivore diet

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Since I reached puberty, I have been battling with cystic acne.

Although my struggle with cystic acne was not what kept me bedridden, it still had a profound impact on my well-being. It was almost like the "cherry on top" of all my other health issues, making it all the more challenging to cope with. Over the years it has caused me immense physical and emotional pain, preventing me from even touching or moving my face without experiencing discomfort. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I struggled to recognize myself due to the distorted image reflected back at me. It felt like my acne was constantly worsening with no end in sight, and even after a brief period of improvement, it resurfaced following a traumatic incident of medical malpractice.

Over the years, I have tried countless remedies for my skin and overall health. I have been dedicated to taking care of myself in every possible way - from my lifestyle, diet, routines, to various treatments and therapies - but unfortunately, nothing I tried seemed to work effectively.

Many people fail to realize that acne is not just a surface-level issue. It is often a reflection of what's happening beneath the skin, including the health of our gut, liver, immune function and ultimately our body as a whole. Our health is a delicate balance that can be easily disrupted by various factors, both internal and external. While conventional medicine can be effective in managing certain conditions, and definitely can have it's time and place it is not always the best or only solution.

After trying everything conventional medicine had to offer, I found that my health continued to decline, with acne being only a superficial manifestation of my underlying health issues. I spent countless hours researching and seeking answers, convinced that there had to be more to life than living with chronic health conditions.

Desperate for relief, I began to explore alternative solutions outside of the mainstream healthcare system. Being bedridden at its worst, I felt like I had nothing to lose and was willing to try anything.

To make matters worse, my dietary restrictions had become so severe that I was left with only a few foods I could eat. However, it was this challenge that ultimately led me to discover the healing power of carnivore. By eating an ancestrally appropriate diet I was able to support my body's natural ability to heal and I finally found relief from not only my acne but a significant improvement of my overall well-being.

The power of carnivore!

Febuary 2, 2021 I went strict carnivore.

I have NOT changed a single thing in my skincare routine.

l am NOT taking any new supplements or medications.

This is purely the healing of eating a highly nutrietuous meat based diet.

These photos only scratch the surface of the healing that this lifestyle has brought me in just a month and a half. It's amazing to see the visible changes, but even more remarkable is the healing that's occurring beneath the surface, which is difficult to imagine.

Despite what we have been told, true healing is achievable when we provide our bodies with the conditions it needs to thrive!

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