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I am lucky to be alive after trying to get the surgery that was meant to turn my life around.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I have stage 4 Endometriosis. This photo was taken some time after I experienced significant medical trauma due to a surgery that was intended to help me. However, instead of improving my condition, the surgery and severe malpractice nearly cost me my life multiple times and left me with several complications that I continue to struggle with to this day.

On the 28th of February 2020, I put my faith in a medical professional I thought I could trust because I had no choice but to get the surgery I so desperately needed; no longer being able to walk on a good day because of my endometriosis, living with level 10 pain, finding no relief anywhere in sight and living this way for far too long. Being told by “professionals” there is nothing wrong with me, being dismissed because I’m a woman, maybe I’m just one of those girls that has painful periods, maybe it’s in my head and I’m just crazy, maybe I just need to go back on the pill (the synthetic hormones that made my endometriosis spread like wild fire), maybe it’s just my fibromyalgia that makes it so painful, maybe I should just stop being a sook.. it can’t be that bad right??

I then continued suffering with constant pain from endometriosis even after surgery and I blame our medical system for this. It took 7 years for someone to finally not dismiss me when I’ve tried to get help, when I’ve tried to speak up, when I’ve said I’m hurting. It took all the fight I have left in me to push for the answers I so desperately needed and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t of ever gotten any answers. It certainly shouldn’t be this way. If doctors listened they should of suspected it from the start after all my mother also has it and endometriosis is becoming far more prevalent in todays society.(wonder why..hmm)

This is partly why I have chosen to share my journey, to spread awareness on just how real Endometriosis is; Just how much it has really effected not only my life but far too many others.

We are so often left without answers, kept in the dark about our health or just simply offered drugs just to attempt at masking the problem so no one has to deal with it and why this occurred in the body in the first place.

It's time to dig deeper, deeper than this system that is clearly not serving us in the way it claims.

Noone should have to go to extreme lengths just for suboptimal care and let's be honest treatments that aren't really in our best interest.

This system isn’t designed to truly help us and it shows.

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